TVNZ HD-Ready But Still Rarely HD

North's Marcus Lush

TVNZ could screen wall-to-wall HD content today but is unlikely to be doing so even by this time next year.

The broadcaster has completed its digital infrastructural overhaul, which means, two years after airing the Olympic Games in HD, it’s now fully HD-capable.

“However, while we have the capability, now the issues remain for us about what we have access to and how much we can afford,” TVNZ spokeswoman Megan Richards told

“So the increase in HD content will be a gradual progression.”

TVNZ has about 35 international series lined up for 2011 in HD.

“There’ll be more as we go along, but that’s what we have confirmed to date,” Richards says.

Although HD is becoming the norm internationally, she points out not all acquisition deals are done in HD.

“Some of our distributors charge for HD, some don’t. There are still substantial costs involved.”

Drama will dominate local HD content — Shortland Street already is shot in HD — and although the likes of Marcus Lush’s North will be in HD, other lower-budget shows will remain in SD.

“So our technical obstacles are removed but supply and cost will dictate what goes to air,” Richards says.

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2 Responses to “TVNZ HD-Ready But Still Rarely HD”

  1. So when are we going to get AC3 audio on the HD programs that they will show??

  2. Even if they don’t have too much content in HD it would at least be nice to see the studio content, news readers, reporters etc etc in HD…. That’s if they have any HD cameras?

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