TVNZ+ Negotiates Foreign Language Slate

“Sleek, slick and chic” — that’s how Variety sums up the appeal of the new TVNZ+ action-driven Brazilian thriller, Negotiator, which will stream from August 6.

About a São Paulo police negotiator who becomes the chief suspect in his wife’s disappearance, it will launch a slew of foreign language newcomers on the platform, including:

  • Swedish crime drama The Truth Will Out
  • French relationship thriller Serial Lover
  • Dark Mexican drama Señorita 89
  • Faking Hitler, a German drama based on a true story
  • French sci-fi drama The Last Wave
  • German crime drama The Witnesses

Negotiator was “inspired by real events” and originates from the producers of Falco and 3%.

They say it “belongs to a lighter breed of episodic series that allows for the audience to commit to 45 minutes of entertainment without really feeling the heaviness of drama” and that the “visually rich world of São Paulo” is key to the high production values.

They call it “a cinematic Brazilian-Noir series with all the right elements to cast a net across a wide audience”, from free-to-air to streaming.

Says Variety: “Its noir vibes are knit by top-notch cinematography. Editing is quickfire, the camera constantly fluid, set ups varied, and sometimes highly ambitious.”

The Truth Will Out is a 2018 drama about cops who loathe each other investigating a lawyer’s murder, Serial Lover (2022) is dubbed “a heart-wrenching thriller, with a charismatic villain duping a string of lovers and professionals”, and beauty contest thriller Señorita 89 (2022) was hailed as “a nuanced look at the intersection of feminism and beauty [and a] stinging depiction of misogyny”.

The Telegraph called Faking Hitler, a 2021 dramatisation of the Hitler diaries hoax “tremendous fun” and The Last Wave (2019) a “glossy, absurd but compelling sci-fi drama”, while The Witnesses (2021) has been described as “In Treatment meets Mindhunter” and “a tense, highly emotional series that explores the power of memories and how little we can trust them”.

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8 Responses to “TVNZ+ Negotiates Foreign Language Slate”

  1. With 5 months to go I wonder when ThreeNow will get their FAST channels, it’s apparently this year so it can’t be too far away 🤔

  2. I saw on the Mediaspy forum that they already announced 5 new fast channels but I’ll wait for Philip to confirm if it’s true.

  3. Hey, Leo, I can only confirm that these are the five channels WBD has been testing of late: Realty, True Crime, Paranormal, House Hunters and 90 Day Fiancé. They feature programmes like Ghost Brothers and Disappeared while 90 Day Fiancé has evolved into its own “universe” with multiple spin-offs.

  4. This just in, Leo: WBD has “soft launched” these five channels on ThreeNow. Hope to post more details today.

  5. They don’t sound very exciting. I would love a movie channel or 2 and a comedy channel 😁

  6. Just to update: the FAST channels haven’t yet launched but will shortly. Expect a post tomorrow.

  7. Thanks for updating and confirming Philip, appreciate the time taken to do this. I see people post things up on social media without any details or dates. I look forward to your post tomorrow. I guess these FAST channels will help ThreeNow differentiate itself from TVNZ+. Let’s hope there’s a new interface with ThreeNow as well.

  8. Looking forward to reading your news about the FAST channels Philip and YAY to hopefully having an update to ThreeNow 😁👍🏻

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