TVNZ OnDemand in Record Demand

TVNZ Sales has just released infographics illustrating TVNZ OnDemand’s “biggest year yet”, having notched up 250 million streams for the 12 months ending February — a year-on-year increase of 31%.

Soaps dominated the most streamed shows, although the most re-run series in TVNZ history, Friends, ranked third, while connected TV viewing dwarfs streaming on mobile phones and laptops/computers.

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5 Responses to “TVNZ OnDemand in Record Demand”

  1. So the average person (or household) watched 10 episodes per week (or 1.4 per day). At an average of 18mins per episode. Roughly 25 mins per day. Anyone know how long the average TV watcher still spends in front of the broadcast TV box? But let’s fast track to OnDemand – and ignore the advertising dollars that new content might earn from more eyeballs.

  2. I’m assuming the HD transfers of The X-Files is the same as the Blu-ray boxset which I have also got but still watching it on Star is an awesome experience and is definitely the best way of watching it 🙂

  3. Interesting you should say that, Trevor, as I would have thought the higher bit-rate of the Blu-ray discs would be superior to the Disney+ stream.

  4. Streaming services are always inferior compared to discs. The audio alone is significantly better as it has the widest dynamic range. I would never recommend the streaming versions over disc at any stage especially when you own them. I’d also recommend that people invest their money into an a/v receiver with speakers as that is a night and day difference compared to TV speakers.

  5. Perhaps I should do a comparison between the Blu-ray and the streaming on Star, it looks about the same to me. It could be to do with my Blu-ray player 🙂

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