TVNZ+ to Stream Original Frasier in HD

Great news for fans of the original Frasier: TVNZ+ will stream all 11 seasons in HD from December 7.

Frasier is one of the most repeated comedies on linear TV, popping up simultaneously on channels like Sky Open, Jones! and Comedy Central.

But only on Comedy Central has the series, somewhat haphazardly, aired in 16:9 HD.

Surprisingly, TVNZ chose not to stream the Cheers spin-off when it picked up the Paramount+ reboot but has reconsidered because of viewer reaction to the new show.

“We’ve had positive feedback from TVNZ+ viewers on Frasier and so we’ve opted to secured the original seasons of the show and provide the full catalogue,” a spokeswoman says.

“These seasons have been delivered in HD by our distributor, too.”

Frasier star Kelsey Grammer hopes the update, when ends its first season on December 7, will run for at least 100 episodes.

“There’s enough groundwork laid between these human beings; they are wonderful characters,” he told Variety. “I want to see where they go. And I want to see what happens to Frasier.”

Original cast members Bebe Neuwirth (ex-wife Lilith) and Peri Gilpin (radio producer Roz) have resurfaced but not so David Hyde Pierce (brother Niles).

“I really wanted David Hyde Pierce to join us,” Grammer says. “And I did my best to have him come along for the ride.

“And at one point, he finally just said, ‘I don’t really want to play the character anymore.’ And that was fine.”

Grammer says a Niles reunion won’t be “forced” on the show. “We’ll see what happens. We can certainly write to it.

“There’s arguably a lot of people in the world that have seen Frasier, and would really sort of celebrate seeing him again.”

As for any of the old Cheers gang?

“Is it possible we might see someone from the old days at the bar? Maybe,” Grammer said in a Deadline interview.

“I was just spitballing a little while ago about how it might be kind of fun to do a Christmas show next year, the Christmas of Cheers Past.

“Frasier could revisit scenes that he lived out before like when he had made a mistake. What could he do to fix it? [Laughs] I don’t know, it just seems like a good idea and it would be really funny.

“And [the original cast] wouldn’t even have to appear; it would just be old clips. But we’ll see. You know, I love Ted [Danson] and working with him, so I’d love to do something with him. We just haven’t broken that idea yet.”

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3 Responses to “TVNZ+ to Stream Original Frasier in HD”

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    November 27, 2023 at 1:54 pm

    I could never get into Frasier despite being a big Cheers fan. I’m quite surprised Cheers isn’t available to stream. I think it was on Netflix for a bit but isn’t anymore.

  2. With a bit of luck, Clint, TVNZ+ might pick up Cheers on the back of Frasier. I remember it being on Netflix US but not Netflix NZ. Paramount+ will have taken back the global streaming rights, I imagine. I was a huge Cheers fan but thought Frasier a superior show. The first six seasons of each were brilliant, the rest patchy.

  3. Let’s hope they do! I might have to give Frasier another go then.

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