TVNZ to Surround Us With Sound at Last

HD buffs frustrated by TVNZ’s stereo transmissions will be pleased to learn the broadcaster will soon replace them with Dolby Digital.

On the eve of TV2 premiering in HD the latest talent quest hit, The Voice, TVNZ has confirmed an announcement about the switchover to 5.1 audio is imminent.

TV3 began broadcasting in 5.1 as soon as it went HD but TVNZ has postponed the transition until its digital infrastructural overhaul was complete.

At the start of the year it indicated 5.1 broadcasts would be in place by mid-year, so hopefully viewers will be surrounded by sound within the next month or so.

The upgrade would be timely given the upsurge in HD content on TV2, with newcomers like Nikita and The Voice, and new seasons of previously SD series in HD, like Supernatural and Chuck.

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5 Responses to “TVNZ to Surround Us With Sound at Last”

  1. About time! Hopefully they will use 5.1 on TV One and TV2 as well as maintain the same output levels and match TV3’s audio level.

  2. Yea. About time. Any idea as to when?

  3. Only three years late to the party – about time is right!

  4. The only timeline TVNZ’s given is it’s “just around the corner”.

  5. So is the end of the world in Dec 2012..

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