TVNZ Wears the Ratings Crown

TVNZ 1’s coverage of King Charles III’s coronation drew 2.6 times as many viewers as Three’s, the broadcaster reports.

Here’s the media release:

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5 Responses to “TVNZ Wears the Ratings Crown”

  1. I didn’t watch any of it. I’m so fed up with the royals especially after reading Harry’s book, Spare. My eyes have definitely been opened. I feel so sad for Diana 😔

  2. I watched from the start to finish, but via Sky News on YouTube. I like that we have a system that isn’t political, and has no ability (would be abolished) to use political power. Having grown up under Charles as Prince of Wales, I’m for him to have his day in the sun, but he and ‘The Firm’ need to recognise that times have changed and Willian needs to be passed the batten before his 50th birthday.

  3. Thanks, Darren. Never thought to check out Sky News UK because normally it can’t be streamed live here on YouTube. Those who did would have been rewarded with a UHD stream.

  4. I watched the 7.00 ~ 7.30 pm feed on Three who ran the BBC feed with no local talking heads. Watched a movie and came back as they were heading to the Abby. Very professional.

  5. Just thought I would mention that Margot Robbie is now officially Sue Storm. It will be interesting to see if she continues being Harley Quinn although it may be rather confusing 🤔

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