Ultra Rush of Ultra Flash HD TVs

Ultra HD TV is about to be targeted at the masses, with cheaper models being launched by Sony and LG ahead of Panasonic next month landing its 65-inch flagship.

LG also is flexing its hi-tech muscle with NZ’s first Curved OLED screen (above).

It can be ordered for $17,000 from tomorrow but there’s still no word on when Samsung will offer its Curved OLED screen here (despite having already launched it in Australia).

LG’s 55-inch, 17kg model (55EA9800) boasts infinite contrast, eight transparent speakers with a 40W output, a unique “Four-Colour Pixel” system with an extra white sub-pixel, a screen depth of just 4.3cm and a digital on-screen dial instead of conventional channel and volume buttons.

LG is accepting “expressions of interest” in the release from tomorrow; for more information, see www.lg.com/nz/oled‐tv.

LG’s five new UHD models are being marketed exclusively through Harvey Norman stores in September.

They range in price from $8000 for the cheaper of its two 55-inch displays to $25,000 for the 84-inch behemoth.

The top-of-the-range LA9700 series (left) offers “NANO Full LED” backlighting for optimal contrast and brightness and a motorised sliding soundbar that lowers when the TV is turned on and retracts when it’s switched off.

In addition to its four forward-facing speakers, there’s a subwoofer behind the screen.

Common to the 9700 and 9650 series is HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), which LG reckons will be the next standard in content compression and, once activated by a software update, may negate having to buy a separate UHD media device.

The 55LA9650 is priced at $7999, the 65LA9650 at $9999, the 55LA9700 at $8499, the 65LA9700 at $10,999, and the 84LA9800 at $24,999.

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    September 12, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    The LG’s curved screen is dumb on a scale similar to watching in the wrong aspect ratio. Some won’t notice it but the geometric distortion wastes the otherwise excellent picture quality.

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