War of the Worlds Classic Due on Blu-ray

Great news for collectors of classic movies in HD: the original The War of the Worlds (1953) will be released Thursday on Blu-ray for the first time in NZ.

The Imprint edition was meant to have gone on sale last month but was delayed because of a shortage of stock.

“Imprint’s Blu-ray release is mastered from a brand new 4K scan and restoration of the original negative elements done by Paramount in 2018,” The Digital Bits reports.

“It’s presented here on disc at the proper 1.37:1 theatrical aspect ratio. The good news? For the most part, the resulting image is gorgeous.

“Fine texturing is lovely, with a significant increase in detail over past DVD editions.”

The War of the Worlds is part of a new range from Australasian distribution Via Vision that showcases some “long requested and previously unavailable films in stunning HD”.

First-run pressings include deluxe packaging of new restorations with exclusive extras and commentaries.

Already out are Sorry Wrong Number, The Duellists and Waterloo while due in September are The Carpetbaggers, Night Falls on Manhattan, No Way to Treat a Lady, A Place in the Sun and When Worlds Collide.

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4 Responses to “War of the Worlds Classic Due on Blu-ray”

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    July 11, 2020 at 3:38 pm

    I don’t buy many movies these days but this looks like a must-get one.

  2. I agree, Paul. Btw, Criterion in the US has just released another edition, which has a “colour timing fix and additional unique extras” — but it’s Region A-locked.

  3. Yes Philip. That’s the issue I have with Criterion in the US that all their stuff is regional locked. When you ask them they say it’s about licensing. Sometimes I feel like buying a US BD player from Amazon.

  4. I bought an Oppo region-modified BD player 10 years ago, Paul. Has been a great investment.

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