Wayward Signs for The Zone

Sky’s The Zone will screen its next new exclusive, Wayward Pines, within a week of the US.

The M Night Shyamalan-produced drama about the search for two FBI agents missing in creepy small-town Idaho will air 8.30 Thursdays from May 21, six days after it goes to air on Fox.

Matt Dillion heads a top cast that includes Carla Gugino, Melissa Leo, Juliette Lewis, Terrence Howard, Shannyn Sossamon, Toby Jones and Reed Diamond.

Early comparisons to Lost and Twin Peaks don’t look far off the mark, with promotional material mostly focused on cultivating the mystery of the titular backwoods Idaho town and its population of grinning suburban drones,” one report says while New York magazine reckons it “truly looks the opposite of safe”.

Coincidentally, Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch today tweeted he’s quitting the Showtime reboot because of “not enough money”, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

But Deadline subsequently reported Showtime was trying to resolve the contract issues.

Meanwhile, The Zone will also improve its schedule with three Monday night specials: the documentary Atari: Game Over (May 11) and the movies Troll Hunter (May 18) and Monsters (May 25).

It’s also picking up from season one The Walking Dead (8.30 Sundays from May 3) and will strip late-night weeknights from May 25 the Joss Whedon series, Angel.

May’s box set weekends include seasons two and three of Falling Skies and TV’s 1990 take on The Flash.

Scheduled for the Cinema Z slot are Jack the Giant Killer, The Day the Earth Stopped, Alien Origin, AE: Apocalypse Earth and Poseidon Rex.

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2 Responses to “Wayward Signs for The Zone”

  1. YAY, Wayward Pines looks like an amazing show :)

  2. Anything with M Night Shyamalan involved is going to be a mess …

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