WBD Improves ThreeNow Menu Ahead of FAST Channels Rollout

This weekend’s launch of ThreeNow’s SailGP live streaming on the new Three Sport channel comes amid testing of Warner Bros. Discovery’s new FAST channels and a long overdue new look for its streaming platform on the Smart TV app.

Specific programming details aren’t known for the FAST channels but below is a sneak peek of the logos in development.

So far the only schedule to have been glimpsed is WB TV Reality, which will include shows like 90 Day Fiance, Say Yes to the Dress: Lancashire, Sister Wives and I Am Jazz.

But you can probably expect a similar mix to the WB FAST channels in the US, where its true crime counterpart has series like Murder Chose Me, A Crime to Remember and Murder Comes to Town.

And instead of a Paranormal FAST channel, WB’s US service has a Supernatural channel with shows like Ghost Brothers, Paranormal Lockdown and Ghost Asylum.

The Classic Movies channel is known as At the Movies in the US. But movie buffs hoping for vintage WB movies from the studio’s golden age, in the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s, will be disappointed if we wind up with the same ’60s-’90s selection.

The in-development FAST channels service must be close to launching given WBD has just overhauled the ThreeNow Smart TV app to improve navigation.

As of today, steaming content is organised in easier-to-search categories of: All, Three, Bravo, HGTV, Rush, Eden, Box Set, Comedy, News and Current Affairs, Documentary/Factual, Drama, Entertainment, Event, Lifestyle, Local, Movie, Reality, Sport and True Crime.

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9 Responses to “WBD Improves ThreeNow Menu Ahead of FAST Channels Rollout”

  1. YAY, it’s definitely what ThreeNow needs on Apple TV, it’s so old looking. It will be interesting to see what shows and movies will be included on New Zealand’s first ever FAST channels 😁

  2. What about TVNZ still having the rights to Friends, The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men?

  3. Who knows in this era of fragmented rights, Sheldon. Friends and TBBT already stream on Netflix while 2.5 Men is in perpetual loop on Comedy Central.

  4. Hey, Phil. As of last night, the Apple TV app wasn’t updated, but I’m keeping an eye out. Still no Samsung app, though …

  5. Thanks, Brian. Have asked WBV when the Smart TV app facelift will extend to Apple TV and other devices. While I think it’s an improvement, the interface is still largely the same so you’re not missing out on a radical revamp …

  6. Three Sport is now live via my Apple TV, all ready for the Sail GP. I wonder if they will soon add the FAST channels 🤔

  7. Guess what app is number 1 on Apple TV? Yes, it’s ThreeNow. I assume they have heard the news. I wonder what other sports they will include on Three Sport. It’s strange that there is no mention on NewsHub about their very first Sports channel, it’s BIG news 😁

  8. Thanks for the update, Trevor.

  9. It’s no problem Philip. I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning 😁

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