When in Brome …

TVNZ 2 is girding its Friday night loins with a comedic gladiatorial game show to replace Naked Attraction from December 1.

Bromans was meant to be ITV’s next Love Island, but with its “21st century lads” and their girlfriends carrying on in Ancient Rome.

It originally was going to be called Ladiators — until the distributor thought Bromans would improve global sales prospects.

“Elements of Bromans will work in the same way that Love Island works, but we wanted it to have lots of points of difference, such as being set in Ancient Rome and being about couples,” executive producer Karl Warner told Broadcast magazine.

Co-executive producer Peter Tierney calls the format “a total hybrid” complete with “little parodies of the reality format.”

Critics loved to hate it.

Bromans is loud, stupid and potentially – if it dials down just slightly on the slo-mo shots of girlfriends running in their … uh, Roman bikinis – my new favourite thing,” quipped The Guardian.

“When the first trailer for Bromans surfaced last month, it was loudly decried by the Twitteratti as ‘tawdry’, ‘trashy’, ‘garbage’,” said The Telegraph.

“Thankfully, tonight’s premiere was all those things and more. A few viewers will probably complain about the barely-post-watershed nudity, but for everyone else this was an hour of reassuringly tacky reality TV.”

But the Daily Mail dismissed it as “a sort of Generation Game for the porn era.

“It’s like Ben Hur without the excitement, the story, the morality or any point at all. This is a long way from the plate-spinning and disco-dancing of the Brucie days.”

Britons agreed. It opened slowly, drawing 507,000 viewers, which was below average for its slot, and ended badly two months later, with only 230,000.

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    November 16, 2017 at 10:07 am

    Had a quick look on Youtube. No thanx..

  2. All I can say is…..”Oh dear….really??”

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