Will Rivals Follow Loewe’s Lead?

Loewe has announced a world first in video streaming: programmes that can ‘follow’ users of its TVs around the home.

Known as DR+ Streaming with ‘Follow Me’ function, it allows viewers to pause any programme, then pick up exactly where they left off on another television in another room without missing any of the action.

It’s initially available only as a software update for the Individual SL series range but Loewe will be expanding it to upcoming series.

How does it work?

An internal hard drive in the main television records the chosen programme and simultaneously streams it to the TV of choice.

This can happen in real time, as the programme is broadcast, or archived recordings can be streamed to a second Loewe TV while another household member views live programming on the main set.

The feature supports video streaming over LAN, Wireless LAN or Powerline (networking over the home’s electrical wiring).

To use it, you’ll need two or more current model SL series Loewe TVs, one with DR+ hard drive recorder (the software can be downloaded from the Loewe support website for updating via USB).

Selected Loewe TVs also can be used to surf the web, using their integrated MediaNet portal to access content in a format optimised for big-screen viewing.

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