Will Sky-Fi Be in HD?

It’s not yet known if Sky’s homegrown sci-fi channel The Zone will be in HD.

The sci-fi/fantasy/horror hybrid will launch in November at no extra cost to subscribers with series like The Strain, Defiance and From Dusk Till Dawn.

“We are still at the beginning stages so how we broadcast will be confirmed a little further down the track,” a Sky publicist says.

But chances are it will be given Sky’s plans to launch at least one more HD channel before year’s end and the geek clout of those behind the initiative.

According to Sky’s head of general entertainment, Karen Bieleski: “This is the channel that many of our viewers have literally been clamouring for.

“We looked at a variety of options for satisfying their requests and decided that the best way was to make our own channel, so that we could select from the widest possible range of international content.

“Our research has uncovered an incredibly diverse fan base so it was imperative to make The Zone available to as wide an audience as possible by being included in Sky’s basic package.

“The Zone has a fairly broad remit for acquiring programmes, our rule of thumb being that anything which could feasibly promote itself at Comic-Con has a place on the channel.

“We are very aware that fans of this type of content are keen social media users so once the channel has launched, we aim to screen our key shows as close to international premieres as possible to ensure that spoilers are kept to a minimum on their newsfeed.

The team involved putting this channel together, myself included, are passionate about this type of content and we are excited to create and curate a channel for Kiwi fans of the many genres The Zone will encompass.”

Sky says fans can interact with The Zone team and find out more about programming with weekly updates on Facebook.com/TheZoneTV and Twitter twitter.com/TheZoneNZ.

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6 Responses to “Will Sky-Fi Be in HD?”

  1. YAY, wonderful news…I love Sci Fi / Fantasy shows so hope it’s in HD 🙂

  2. Really looking forward to the launch of this channel. I would even be prepared to pay up to $10 a month if this channel is in HD.

  3. HD? You’re all kidding. It will be in LD, Low Def, with Sky trying to add more to its already crowded sat service — plus the $2 sub hike in November to pay for it …

  4. If they source material from the Syfy channel it will be rubbish.

  5. How can you say that about such great SyFy classics as Airplane Vs Volcano, Big Ass Spider, Sharknado and soon to be released Sharknado 2?? :-;

  6. SyFy are about to screen The Almighty Johnsons in the US so hey cut that out 🙂

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