Will the Force Be With 3DTV?

George Lucas isn’t among the sceptics predicting the early demise of 3DTV.

Today it was revealed that The Phantom Menace would be the first of the six Star Wars movies to be re-released in 3D, in 2012, with the rest to follow in consecutive years.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lucas has been working on the 3D conversions for some time but wanted to wait until there were enough 3D-capable cinema screens to make the re-release worthwhile.

Moreover, it’s not just the 3D theatrical experience he’s targeting. “Also pushing the timetable is a potential breakthrough in 3D television technology,” THR says.

“With Samsung penetrating the market with 50,000-plus 3D-equipped televisions, and Sony planning to send its version to market in the coming months, the home-viewing experience could be primed for 3D DVD versions of the classic films by the time the new 3D series runs its course.

“Lucas is purportedly cuing up the theatrical re-releases as a lead-in to the ultimate home viewing experience.”

Meanwhile, next month all six Star Wars movies will be re-issued on budget-priced DVDs, for $14.99 each, with Blu-ray editions possibly due this time next year.

Earlier this month, The Digital Bits reported the six Star Wars films were coming to Blu-ray “in the not too distant future”, predicting October 2011.

They will be “loaded with extras”, including scenes from dailies that have never been seen before.

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    October 5, 2010 at 5:03 am

    Probably but not before lucas changes the entire movies!

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