Yellowstone #1 on Neon

The Kevin Costner ranching hit that took three years to screen here, Yellowstone, was the most streamed series of the year on Sky’s Neon, notching up 172,698 viewers, followed by the second season of break-out show Euphoria with 161,943 viewers.

In its annual report, Sky say S8 of Love Island saw 83,438 viewers at the end of the season, which was 25% more unique viewers than S7 (to date).

Neon’s total hours of viewing content — 56 million-plus — was 11% higher than the previous financial year.

“Our streaming services Neon and Sky Sport Now are going from strength to strength,” Sky says. “In FY21 our streaming revenue grew by 24% and we set a goal of continuing this trend, with a target of 15%-25% annualised growth in streaming revenue over the following three years.

“In FY22 we’ve come in above the top of that range, with growth of +27% in our streaming revenue (to $93m from $73m) …

“We’ve had some record days in terms of viewership numbers and in February 2022 the platform had 255,301 unique viewers over the month – up 30% since our launch month.

“We’ve also added a large amount of premium content to the service from partnership deals secured over the past year, including the ViacomCBS deal announced in December 2021.”

As well as investing markedly more in Neon, Sky says this month’s “significant platform upgrade” for Sky Sport Now delivers customers an enhanced viewing experience, “with significantly improved picture quality, enhanced content discovery, and features like multi-screen viewing and ‘Watch from Start’ (which we know from feedback is something that customers will love, particularly Premier League fans catching up on matches from the previous night).”

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3 Responses to “Yellowstone #1 on Neon”

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    August 25, 2022 at 12:21 pm

    Yellowstone is OK but do they really have to have lots of swearing in it. It turns me off ?

  2. My Mum and Dad watched the whole 4 series of Yellowstone, they said it was a great television.

  3. The wife and I binged it and we both agreed that it, as well as HOTD etc was a enjoyable change to have some adult content and not the copy and paste dumbed down, MCU, DC, Star Trek (excluding SNW) and Star Wars stuff on the streaming services again.

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