Young US Pope to Visit SoHo

Kiwis will be among the first in the world to see a satirical drama set in the Vatican when The Young Pope premieres next month on SoHo.

“Who knows where Paolo Sorrentino’s amusing, unpredictable and irreverent Vatican fantasy, The Young Pope, will lead over the course of its 10 episodes?” asked The Hollywood Reporter.

“From the look of the first two hours screened in Venice, this is a potential hit for Sky, HBO and Canal+, combining the Italian director’s sardonic, Fellini-inspired gift for the bizarre with the world’s ever-growing hunger to peep behind the screens at St. Peter’s — a match made in heaven.

“The miniseries has already sold widely and the door is open to a second season.”

It stars Jude Law as a dangerously iconoclastic Pontiff and Diane Keaton as his chief advisor.

“Not only is he the first American pope, he’s only 47 years old, as well as arrogant, whimsical and hilariously destructive,” THR says.

“How he ever got elected will no doubt be revealed in later episodes, but suffice it to say he comes off as a borderline anti-Christ not only in his power-mad dreams, but in all his dealings with the cardinals and the Curia.”

Will there be a Vatican backlash against The Young Pope?

“That was the first question at the Venice Film Festival presser following the world premiere of the first two episodes,” Variety reports.

“It’s the Vatican’s problem; not mine,” the show’s Oscar-winning Italian director replied. “But it’s not even a problem. If they watch it to the end, they will see that it’s a piece that tackles their world with curiosity, honesty, and no desire to provoke.

“It doesn’t want to display any form of prejudice or intolerance. Rather it probes with honesty and curiosity within the constraints of 10 episodes, the contradictions and the difficulties, and also the fascinating aspects, of the clergy.”

Britain’s Telegraph dubbed Law “a force of nature” in the role and likened “the skin-prickling opening to a game of chess played across a board of gold and marble – with each piece, from king to pawn, gliding enigmatically into place for the coming battle”.

The Young Pope will air 9.30 Mondays from October 31, four days after it premieres on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

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