Zoo II a Shoo-In for The Zone

Sky’s The Zone will premiere season two of Zoo within a day of CBS.

It will air 8.30 Thursdays from June 30 and presumably will bow on Prime a few months later (as happened with the first season).

New to season two is Warehouse 13’s Joanne Kelly as the Deputy Secretary of Defense seeking a solution to the animal crisis … and who shares a surprising history with Mitch (Billy Burke).

Other newcomers include Josh Salatin (Show Me a Hero) and Alyssa Diaz (Army Wives).

The Zone also will screen season three of The Walking Dead (9.30 Wednesdays from June 15) and will premiere Town of the Living Dead (7.30 Mondays from June 13) and Monster Man (7.30 Fridays from June 17).

In the former, wannabe filmmaker John Ware enlists the town of Jasper, Alabama, to help him make his film Thr33 Days Dead; the latter goes inside one of Hollywood’s most respected monster prop building workshops, SOTA FX.

Variety dubbed Town of the Living Dead “a rather uninspired addition to reality TV’s hillbilly chic craze, aimed at those apt to swallow anything they see on TV as gospel and who like their brains deep-fried” while The Hollywood Reporter thought it “a generic brand of Southern-sploitation (see also Duck Dynasty, anything with the word ‘swamp’ in it, the Honey Boo Boo franchise, etc), with a hint of Jackass.”

Lined up for the Cinema Z slot are: Asteroid vs Earth (June 3); 100 Below Zero (June 10); American Warships (June 17); and Fire Twister (June 24).

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5 Responses to “Zoo II a Shoo-In for The Zone”

  1. Reports out this morning point to FOUR rebranding as Bravo with an announcement on Wednesday about an NBC agreement. Wonder if this means an HD upgrade as well.

  2. WOW, that sounds like interesting news Leo, hopefully that does include HD 🙂 bravo 🙂

  3. Yes very interesting Trevor. This explains the lack of investment in FOUR, these last few years. Just a correction the announcement is scheduled for Tuesday.

  4. Leo. I doubt it. MW is near broke and on life support. Bravo is just a 100% reality channel and I doubt that all reality stuff will be moved from TV3 to Bravo. My bet is that both will be reality channels.

  5. Sadly, I imagine Paul is right. Bravo is piloting a couple of dramas for next season but generally expect wall-to-wall Housewives of Wherever. The only bright spot is some of the HD comedies that air in SD on Four will switch to TV3.

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